Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Memory of Tristen my Baby Sis...

Tristen's Poem

Exquisite and fair as a blessing from the heavens above,

Thou stood before humanity a true princess indeed.

Beauty so immaculate that even sinless angels doth envy thee,

Thine heart solid gold and intentions so pure.

Thou didst teach all to love only with every fiber of being remain,

A smile that conquered even the fiercest maelstroms vast.

Thine angelic laugh that graced all ears resounds within the confines of the soul,

But home to thine adored paradise thou couldst not refrain.

Eager to behold the very face of thine Father Lord over all,

He doth sit upon his throne among the constellations so enchanting divine.

Thou doth accompany him as his fair angelic queen celestial,

Gazing upon those thou didst cherish exceedingly who now weep for thy loss,

Rain drops trickle down the window panes as if heaven weeps for thee too.

Gone from our presence for a minute frame in our timeline,

But indelibly etched within our minds our hearts and our lives thou wilt forever be.

Liberated from thy prison rampant with sorrow and pain,

Paradise welcomes thee as its honored daughter abundant.

Home to thy maker with love's arms spread open wide,

To receive the angel who did touched all of our lives.

~We'll Miss Our Beloved Tristen~
By: Tori Welk

This poem was created by an angel. It's not all true doctrine but she created just for Tristen. She saw Tristen every day, they worked right across from each other and became great friends. When me and my mom went to clean out Tristen's desk at work Tori handed that to us we read it and of course bawled and bawled and hugged Tori over and over she's an amazing girl. Part of this poem was on the back of the program at Tristen's funeral. 

I love her so much and miss her every day! I just keep waiting for the pain to stop and I believe and know it will stop it just takes times. I've also been comforted to know that Tristen is not hurting anymore. For a while it's like could feel her mourning with us. I still feel her at times but I know she is just great!

I will forever miss you Tristanable!

With all my love, Cami

P.S. The picture at the top was taken about 3 weeks before she died.

How could are baby do this to us...

I hope my mom doesn't kill me for putting this up it was taken just about 21 years ago. As we are all greiving the loss of our little sister, my poor parents are greiving the loss of there baby daughter. I guess we got almost 21 great years with her with all the Good the Bad and the Just to her those words come out of my mothers mouth "My baby, my baby how could she do that to her self what did WE DO?!!" They did everything in the world for her and they loved her with all there heart as do I. 
As I sat at my sister's grave sight tonight it was quiet and warm. I saw another very fresh grave and went and read the label it was a kid I went to High School with. He also took his own life. I  almost hurt more for his family because I know what there going through(to a point because everyone grieves differently.) and of course you don't wish this pain on anyone.

Loosing My Baby Sister...

My baby sister, Tristen Lynne Bowman took her life on April 11 2008. It's been 8 weeks since she died. Her birthday is coming up she would have 21 on June 25. My heart aches so hard it's unbelievable God would let you hurt this bad. I know that sounds selfish thats just how I feel sometimes. I know I just have to keep being strong but somedays I just wanna say screw it...damnit this hurt to bad. But I have a great Parents, and great friends and they think I'm strong and I feel the exact opposite. Most of my family is LDS as as am I. We always always were taught not to judge any one in any way. Tristen took it to another level she could literally see your heart. She is one of the most none judge mental people I've ever known she's put me my place quite a few time while I bawl and try to write this entry.

I had one of those days today Wade was biking with Bo. in tow. I was home alone and didn't want to be hurting alone. So I hopped in my car and went to Kaysville to go visit here grave site. On my way home I stopped at there house and my mom gave me this poem that I've been dying to get my hands on so it was a really crappy copy...My parents have there poem really nice looking in a frame and everything. So I came home went straight to the computer and started typing and crying and then having to stop. I just want to list a couple lines in "Tristen's Poem" 1st line "Exquisite and fair as a blessing from the heavens above" I look at that line as Tristen's birth into this world. You just have to read it...


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

G-ma B. & Bo.

I love these pictures with Bo. and my mom she looks happy.
We've all been hurting so bad and have been so so sad. I love my mom who doesn't love there mother. I'd be lost with out her, specially now that my little sister is gone.
Grandma B. was getting Bo. out of the house, and taking him on a walk out side to get some fresh air. I was inside trying to recover from a surgery.